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The Westpoint project proposes to build 278 townhomes and 101 single family units on an area just south of the West Point on the Eno park.

The development would extend south to the Argonne Hills and Horton Hills neighborhoods. New roads would connect the development to Roxboro Road on the east side, and a new extension to Stadium Drive on the west side.

As far as we know, there has been no consideration for affordable housing. The site plan does not reference affordable housing and is not taking advantage of the affordable housing bonus density credits.

The current draft of the site plan (8/23/2021, "5th submittal") is available from the city, and on this site. It is a 48MB PDF, best viewed on relatively fast computer. Click here to download a copy.

The document includes the general site plans and also plans for demolition, grading and utilities.

Central portion - before and after

The Approved Development Plan used for this project is from December 17, 1972. A copy is available here.  

The current Durham city planning case number is D1900225. As September 2021 the development has not received final approval.

Viewing Durham County Parcels

The site plan includes several tracts, and you can learn more about these using the Durham Maps application. To view the details of a specific parcel, follow these steps:

  1. Visit

  2. In the box that says "Find Address or Property", choose "Durham County Parcels".

  3. Enter 177601 or 177608 to see the details for the two largest parcels. Parcel 177597 is part of the Warren Creek subwatershed.  When viewing Parcel 177601, use the Related Records button to get a link to the new development case.


Area for planned Stadium Drive extension. This section includes a parcel identified for keystone watershed protection.


An excerpt from the site plan, noting the locations of Hickory, Maple, and Oak trees along with the reminder that "All vegetation within the limits of disturbance shall be removed."

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