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Flooding is already a problem

Flooding at West Point Park

The West Point on the Eno park already sees flooding after a heavy storm. 

IMG_8556 copy.jpg

​The iconic mill is listed already eroding on the river side. Increased runoff would make it worse, even putting the Mill at risk.

Stormwater can cause raw sewage to be dumped in the Eno River.

The Eno River is beautiful, but much less so when large amounts of raw sewage flow into her. The incidents below show what can happen when normally reliable systems fail due to flooding or other expected circumstances.

In February 2019, more than 575,000 gallons of raw sewage flowed into the Eno River after pressure from overflowing manholes created a leak. (link)

In January 2015, raw sewage flooded the offices of the Eno River Association when a city sewer main backed up. (link)

Flooding in neighborhoods

Black Meadow Creek flows from behind Holt Elementary School north through Argonne Hills and other neighborhoods before passing through Black Meadow Ridge, where it enters the West Point on the Eno park. The stream overflows after a heavy storm, coming dangerously close to homes and creating erosion in the park.

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