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Take action 

If you have questions or concerns after learning about the proposed

Westpoint development, there are things you can do:

Sign our petition

Support us with a contribution

Contact city leaders


Sign the Petition!

Please take a moment to sign the PETITION collecting signatures of community members concerned about the proposed "Westpoint" development.  The petition advocates for protection of the Black Meadow Ridge parcels through a comprehensive full development plan review process, including hearings with public input, and votes of the Planning Commission and City Council.   


Support us with a contribution towards legal fees


We are working hard to publicize concerns about this particular development plan and to encourage the city to do a more comprehensive review. As part of that, we have retained legal counsel at The Brough Law Firm, PLLC.

Legal fees add up pretty quickly and so we are seeking contributions large and small to help us pay for the assistance we need.  If you can help, visit our GoFundMe page.

Thank you!!

Please Send Emails Copying These Key City Leaders

We strongly urge community members to write email message that outline your concerns to key Durham city leaders and decision makers.   Even short emails can make a huge difference!   Many of these leaders may not have sufficient awareness of the community outcry regarding this development, or they may not understand the severe impacts posed by this particular development given such a high density of homes, and the close proximity directly overlooking the flagship Westpoint on the Eno City Park and the Eno River itself.


We highly recommend you include the following in your SUBJECT line or first sentence:   

Re:  Durham Development Case No. D1900225
      (Black Meadow Ridge Site Plan Review)

In your FIRST paragraph, please state that:

  • You request that your letter/email be placed in the OFFICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE RECORD case file for the ABOVE Case No. D1900225

Your email can include some or all of the points below.

  • The city should require another traffic impact analysis, one that includes the additional traffic from both Westpoint and the new Northern High School. 

  • The city should look into how it might purchase this land, preserving the quality of the West Point on the Eno park and the Eno River.

    Follow the above with additional paragraphs summarizing other key concerns about the proposed development and your support for preservation of Black Meadow Ridge. 

    Note that it appears the planning department has a standard response they are sending to most emails, but rest assured that they REALLY ARE reading them.  It is critically important to GET AS MANY LETTERS AS POSSIBLE on the administrative record of this development case number, so keep sending them!

We recommend that you direct your correspondence to the following Planning Department and City Council email addresses (feel free to cut and paste as follows):


PLANNING DEPARTMENT:    (Planning Director) 


CITY COUNCIL & MAYOR: (Reaches entire City Council and Mayor) (City Manager)

DURHAM PARKS DIRECTORS:  (highlighting concerns about West Point Eno Park)

Wade Walcutt, Director of Durham City Parks:  email to 

Joy Guy, Assistant Director of Durham City Parks:   email to 

DURHAM STORMWATER DIRECTORS:  (highlighting concerns about flooding & water quality)

Marvin G. Williams, Director of Durham Stormwater Management  
email to 

Paul Wiebke, Assistant Public Works Director

email to


Please also copy ("CC" or "BCC" or forward copies of your emails)
to key local news/media outlets at the following addresses: 


Sara Young, Planning Director 
101 City Hall Plaza, Ground Floor, Suite G500
Durham, NC   27701  

919-560-4137 Ext. 28273

Bo Dobrzenski, AICP, CZO
(Co-Leader of this Development Case Review Team)

Senior Development Services Manager
Durham City-County Planning Department 

919-560-4137 ext. 28230

Pete Sullivan AICP
(Co-Leader of this Development Case Review Team)
Senior Development Services Manager
Durham City-County Planning Department​
919-560-4137 ext. 28214

Danny Cultra, Senior Planner

919-560-4137  Ext. 28238

Paul Wiebke

Assistant Public Works Director
Stormwater & GIS Services
(Oversees Eno Watershed Critical Area Protection Plan)

Phone: 919-560-4326

The area WARD 1 Elected City Council Representative is:

DeDreana Freeman
919-560-4396, ext. 10272

Details on Other Durham City Council Member Can be found at:


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